MCA Kosovo
Power & Empower

MCA Kosovo is the outcome of a collaborative partnership between the United States of America and the Republic of Kosovo, formalized through the signing of the Compact Agreement in July 2022. As a foundation, our mission revolves around executing the transformative Compact Program, reflecting the shared commitment to driving sustainable development, economic growth, and social empowerment in Kosovo.

Our Mission: At MCA Kosovo, our central objective is to oversee and implement the Compact Program, a comprehensive initiative comprising significant projects. These projects include the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Project, the JETA Project focused on gender equality and workforce development, and the Accelerating Catalytic Private Investment (ACFD) Project. Together, these endeavors are strategically designed to propel Kosovo towards sustainable energy practices, inclusivity, and economic diversification.

Compact Program Implementation: As the implementing entity for the Compact Program, MCA Kosovo takes the lead in realizing the outlined projects. This well-coordinated program is structured to ensure a cohesive impact across multiple sectors, fostering positive transformation in Kosovo's energy landscape, societal dynamics, and economic resilience.

Our Collaborative Approach: MCA Kosovo operates within a collaborative framework, with a key partner being the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). The MCC's substantial grant of 202 million dollars provides a foundational backing for MCA Kosovo's initiatives, reflecting the joint commitment to Kosovo's sustainable growth. This partnership underscores shared values and goals, positioning MCA Kosovo as a conduit for progress and transformative change.

Symbolizing Transformation: More than a mere foundation, MCA Kosovo represents a collective endeavor towards enhancing Kosovo's societal, economic, and environmental well-being. Through strategic initiatives, fruitful partnerships, and impactful projects, MCA Kosovo serves as a guiding force, steering Kosovo towards a future marked by sustainable energy integration, gender equality, and resilient economic advancement. The diligent execution of the Compact Program solidifies MCA Kosovo's role in shaping a well-rounded and prosperous Kosovo.

For inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or more information about MCA Kosovo and our initiatives, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Artane Rizvanolli

Board Chair, Minister of Economy

Besnik Bislimi

Deputy Prime Minister

Hekuran Murati

Minister of Finance, Labor, and Transfer

Liburn Aliu

Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning

Arbërie Nagavci

Minister of Education

Learta Hollaj

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidency