MCA-Kosovo (Millennium Challenge Account Kosovo) is the implementing entity of the Kosovo Compact Program signed on July 2022.
MCA-Kosovo is a registered foundation which acts independently with the aim of successfully implementing the Kosovo Compact Program. The stature and mandate of MCA-Kosovo is regulated through the Compact Agreement and the Program Implementation Agreement, which was signed and later ratified by the Kosovo Parliament.

Energy storage through battery systems involves using rechargeable batteries to store and release electricity on a large scale.
These systems capture excess energy during periods of low demand and supply it when demand is high or renewable sources are inactive. They provide grid stability, enhance renewable energy integration, and ensure reliable energy availability.
The battery storage system in Kosovo will entail a crucial step towards integrating and optimally utilizing renewable energy sources.

The Kosovo Compact, such as any other Compact under MCC funding, will last five years- starting form the date of Entry into Force. Entry into force (EiF Period) usually commences 2 years after the signature of the Compact Agreement.
The Kosovo Compact was signed on July 2022, hence EiF will commence July 2024 the latest.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is an independent U.S. foreign assistance agency with the mission of reducing poverty through economic growth. MCC forms partnerships with developing countries who meet rigorous standards for good governance, economic freedom, and investing in their citizens.  MCC has successfully partnered with nearly 30 countries worldwide on grant agreements, totaling $13 billion in economic investment. These grants have helped lift millions of people from poverty by catalyzing investment and economic growth. For mor information, please visit: www.mcc.gov

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