MCA Kosovo holds battery storage design & supervision kick-off meeting

Jan 24, 2024

MCA-Kosovo was thrilled to hold its inaugural kick-off meeting with the Battery Storage Design & Supervision consultancy. This meeting marks one of the biggest Compact milestones yet, a milestone which opens the way for the design, technical specifications and later construction, of the approximately 170MW (340MWh) battery storage system.  

The kick-off meeting began with an introduction to the overarching goals and objectives of the Energy Storage project. Subsequently, an overview was provided for the Frequency Restoration Reserve  (FRR) activity. The presentation also delved into detailed clarifications regarding the roles, responsibilities, and communication channels for project governance and management, addressing each stakeholder involved. A comprehensive discussion followed, exploring the scope of the design services. The presentation concluded with the presentation of expected deliverables and milestones, along with an overview of the project timeline, highlighting key milestones and deadlines. 

MCA Kosovo CEO, Florina Duli Sefaj, thanked all the participants and noted that this meeting marks a significant achievement from MCA Kosovo in meeting MCC-Compact goals and timelines. Burim Hashani, Deputy Executive Director for Programs, and Bajram Neshati, BESS Project Director, in their roles as program leads, presented key project elements and expectations from the design scope.  

Among others, Mr. Rinor Gjonbalaj, the MCC Resident Country Director for Kosovo, highlighted the importance of this development, stating, 'This milestone signifies a major step towards the timely and successful implementation of the Compact Program, particularly in relation to the battery storage project.' He further expressed the MCC enthusiasm about the kickoff of this flagship project, which is critical for facilitating Kosovo's just and equitable energy transition 

Hashani remarked that; ‘The investment of $181 million in Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), utilized for the implementation of BESS to address aFRR needs for KOSTT and establish the new public entity, MFES (Multifunctional Energy Storage), is pivotal. This investment plays a crucial role in facilitating the Republic of Kosovo's energy sector transition to renewable sources and bolstering security of supply. Additionally, it supports the implementation of related climate policy measures.” 

On the other hand, Neshati noted that “The Energy Storage Project is the largest energy project in Kosovo in decades and the most significant Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) project in Europe (MW per capita). “. Furthermore, Neshati highlighted that: “The Frequency Restoration Reserve (FRR) Activity will support KOSTT, to cost-effectively smooth out imbalances in the electricity grid, ensuring the security of the interconnected power system while enabling the integration of electricity generated from renewable energy sources.” 

The consortium of Tractebel Engineering GmbH, VEVE Group doo and Decon International GmbH has been engaged in the Design & Supervision of the battery storage project. Considering consortium's vast experience in battery storage and renewable energy projects, MCA Kosovo is very excited to start the detailed design, prepare technical specifications and tender documents for the upcoming BESS Design and Build – Supply and Works Contractors.   

The Energy Storage Project, also known as BESS, is one of the pillars of the $236 million MCC-Kosovo Compact Program. The project will introduce a state-of-the-art battery storage system and entails the largest energy investment in Kosovo during the last few decades.  

Through the BESS project, MCA Kosovo & MCC will kick-start Kosovo’s green transition by laying the foundation through one of the largest energy storage projects in Europe.

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